Simple Orchids. Simply Beautiful

Forget M&S orchids, manicured to within an inch of their pampered lives and head instead to the nearest Chilterns summer meadow. The footpath glistens underfoot as it cuts through the drooping wild grasses, my wet boots and trouser legs a magnet for seed dispersal. The daisy petals are splayed under the relentless June rain, which … Continue reading Simple Orchids. Simply Beautiful

The great Brexit debate

On a recent visit to Belgium, I was both challenged and surprised with what I experienced; a restored heritage village whose retail offer was just a bread vending machine, enjoyed gourmet food, drank Leffe abbey beer, visited a castle haunted by a KKK look-alike ghost, had breakfast with pensioners visiting the many scenes from the famous … Continue reading The great Brexit debate

Mills of the Cederberg

This blog post is an unashamed excuse to celebrate one of the finest wilderness areas in the world. The Cederberg runs through my veins and I welcome any opportunity to celebrate it. Located a few hours drive north of Cape Town, it’s the place to go to really get away from it all. It's the … Continue reading Mills of the Cederberg

Isn’t it time small #tourism businesses looked beyond the DMO membership fee?

It’s time to look beyond the membership fee for new opportunities in the travel and leisure industry. It's time for tourism businesses to really engage and start promoting their destination first, their product second. Why then, should DMO’s now support the businesses who supply into their destination offer? We are all so inter-connected these days … Continue reading Isn’t it time small #tourism businesses looked beyond the DMO membership fee?

Waveney Valley Project: A tourism case study

It was clear that the project was about local identity, pride and cohesion rather than just tourism. In the heat of the summer of June 2012 the author Louis de Bernieres officially opened the Waveney Valley to a packed and excited audience of local and district councillors, tourism business owners, local food producers, historic architects and … Continue reading Waveney Valley Project: A tourism case study