Chilterns Tourism

When I moved out of London into the countryside, there was very little collaborative tourism activity, nor a recognised or well established sector, no tourism network or business support.

Everyone was busy doing their own thing! Some still are.

How times have changed, and I am very proud to be a part of this busy, thriving sector that boasts a wonderful mix of the traditional rural products with new, experiential businesses opening their doors, gates and websites. We still have much to do, but the difference is that we are doing it together.

I help destinations and businesses develop new audiences and tourism sectors, do a lot of travel writing, create travel videos and share my landscape photography and recently co-creating a new range of gifts and souvenirs, Chilterns Gifts.

I volunteer in a number of ways; running the Chilterns Tourism business network and as new Trustee for the popular Amersham Museum. It’s important that I give back to my local community.

Inclusive Business NEtworking

In response to a low level of destination awareness and tourism marketing, I began to seek out and find friendly faces working locally in tourism in the Chilterns, who together over coffee and cake, co-founded the Chilterns Tourism Network. 

10 years later, we are one of those ‘unofficial DMO’s’ that can be found in increasing numbers across the UK, working hand in hand with a wide range of sectors including; farming, transport, retail, accommodation, events, food & drink, sport, museums and the arts promoting the Chilterns as a visitor destination; somewhere to stay, explore and enjoy throughout the year.

I have successfully developed local strategies, effective, collaborative marketing campaigns, new festivals, sector and audience development, web content and impactful social media platforms. 

How can I help you? I can suggest a myriad of ways to making small budgets work really hard through creative, sustainable thinking from Train to countryside Trail.

As a micro influencer, I can reach local audiences, help you raise awareness and reach new market segments.