Thank you for visiting my website. You may be here because you have heard about me as I have worked for many successful and happy years in the tourism and leisure industry. I am based in the UK, but also work internationally.

If we haven’t yet met, you will find information about my business, Tebje Associates on the pages in the menu above. Of course you can contact me if you would like to discuss your tourism marketing comms needs.

I offer tourism marketing comms services and business support for business owners and managers needing the tools and techniques to make their businesses stand out and be noticed. But not in a ‘something for everyone’ approach; in a way that will resonate with customers and your local community. If you are looking for one-to-one business advice on your start-up, new product or service development, trends and the marketplace or simply a refresher on creating meaningful content through marketing planning and implementation, we should speak.

At the coalface

For the past four years, I have been writing a blog called A Year in the Chilterns. A labour of love that informs how I interact with and advise clients who are seeking to rise above the banality and market place noise of not simply offering ’something for everyone’. I can show you how to write your own blog.

The blog has evolved into my new weekly Micro Travels with Mary newsletter that charts the micro-seasons across the year – which makes for easier interpretation and greater enjoyment. I can show you how to write interesting and relevant bite-sized content.

I am part of a lovely collaborative community celebrating and sharing what we know and love about where we live. As a micro influencer, I post daily what I see and enjoy on Instagram @ChilternHills. I can reach local audiences through high quality imagery and stories.

I took the plunge and taught myself to make videos and have recorded a number of vlogs that you can see on Vimeo. I can show you how to make a short video about you and your projects.

What am i working on now?

I am working on a number marketing projects, but am also busy behind the scenes on two new services for business support and the education sector to be launched this year. One project I am particularly enjoying is the Ridgeway National Trail 50th anniversary and marketing comms. It’s outdoors, fun with so much to share!

I produced this video to document and share the launch event at Avebury World Heritage Site in January.