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I don’t always work alone: when projects needs additional resources and skills, I have a trusted network of colleagues to call upon.

The approach is always grounded in the end-user, the visitor.

We recognise that in our selfie-obsessed world of travel, visitors sometimes fail to see anything anymore, so intent are they rushing around bagging all those top sights to share with their social networks.

How can destination marketers and managers can leverage the many opportunities that tourism businesses and their unique experiences, can potentially benefit the local visitor economy. We understand how the travel trade accesses product in developing long haul markets; what type of information they need, how it is presented, when best to present it, who needs to hear about it and how they can act on it. We know which stories and authentic travel experiences will get the column inches in the international travel press.

Teamwork and creativity opens up those hard-to-reach experiences

The representation services we offer

Travel Trade: Tour operator, wholesaler and retail agent liaison, sales calls, e-communications and newsletters, destination training for novice and experienced trade, fam trip planning, liaison and on-territory operational support. Development of new itineraries and tailor-made travel experiences

Market intelligence, consumer and leisure trends

Travel trade show and roadshow planning, operations and communication: identifying and negotiating JMA’s that meet strategic requirements, networking with key travel intermediaries including SA Tourism, SA Embassies, and Chambers of Commerce. 

Monitoring, evaluation and management reporting

Digital Marketing: practical solutions for reaching consumer target markets, management of and content contribution Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Bloggers and blogging.

Strategic and tactical PR campaign planning and practical solutions to distribute stories, targeted consumer PR, content development and engaging press releases, reputation management media liaison, networking and familiarisation trips 

Meet the team

Tebje Associates: Mary, Anneli and Barbara work together on tourism projects that link our markets with long-haul destinations, including South Africa, Madagascar and China. We have in common; a great love of South Africa, Southern Africa, Europe and very much enjoy story telling whilst being responsible travellers.

This partnership began in 2010 when we represented Cape Town Tourism in their bid for a successful tourism legacy following the outstanding hosting of the Fifa World Cup. From 2017 – 2020 (until Covid-19), we have been working as the European Representation team for the Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency. We successfully worked together to implement and over-delivered on required trade and media strategies, developed bespoke content for media, destination and product training, developed new itinriartes and travel sectors, written inspirational content, taking beautiful photographs, delivered travel trade workshops in partnership with Thompson Travel, SA Tourism UK, Germany and Netherlands, attended the key travel trade shows including WTM, ITB and Vakantiebeurs. We have also identified, negotiated, implemented and managed two very successful JMA’s in the UK and Netherlands that are delivering additional spend and bed nights in the province. 

Meet Anneli Bronkhorst whose specialist area is the Benelux region.

Anneli has a wealth of expertise with extensive experience gained over the past twenty years, in the public and private tourism sectors, especially during her tenure as South African Tourism Manager for the Benelux Countries. Anneli has a sound understanding of the rapidly evolving market, especially in Africa and the challenges presented, and excellent travel trade and media contacts. In her spare time, Anneli loves to travel and share stories about her home, South Africa. 

Meet Barbara Zieme whose specialist areas include Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Barbara’s Creative Connection links African tourist products and services perfectly to the European market. Barbara provides expert support for many African countries, provinces, regional representative offices, by leveraging her extensive trade contacts that she puts to good use on behalf of her clients, making sure to add value at every link in the communication chain. In her spare time, Barbara travels extensively in Southern Africa, looking for unique experiences to share with her clients, family and friends.

Meet Mary Tebje whose specialist areas include the UK and Eire markets and regions. 

Mary is a marketing comms specialist who works with destinations to strengthen communication of their visitor offer, through trade and media intermediaries. Mary supports and advises small tourism businesses, who work hard to deliver on the visitor promise, to leverage their opportunities that the visitor economy offers through collaboration and sharing destination stories. In her spare time, Mary writes a blog to share her discoveries from around the world. 

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I have been extremely fortunate in being able to combine my personal and professional life by offering UK and European Representation to some wonderful destinations in South Africa. You can find out more about Township Tourism, a road trip from 1957 and the hidden delights Cape Town in these blog posts.