Blogging, vlogging & local news

I have been writing A Year in the Chilterns travel blog for five years. I had been publishing posts every month, but now publish a weekly newsletter Micro Travels with Mary each week so I can share and celebrate 52 micro seasons – four is just not enough. You can subscribe by clicking the link above.

In the blog and newsletters, I quietly celebrate a year in the Chilterns, the space between London and Oxford that has largely remained unchanged, but not unaffected by the wider demands of population growth and industrial development. People, places, stories and events are what I write about, the weird getting the most attention. And for business, I can help you create compelling content that will set your business apart from the noise and ‘something for everyone’ commentary that consumers ignore.

How can I help you? I can show you how to start a blog, vlog or newsletter, and importantly, how to keep it going. If you already have a blog, perhaps the imagery and creative writing needs a boost? Take a look at my portfolio pages and then get in touch for a chat.