Penn House and Holy Trinity, Penn

For hundreds of years, Penn House and Holy Trinity Penn have shared a close heritage, and when I visited, it was the rain that brought them together.

A Wet Week in Wales

This post is not so much about what to see and do in Wales, but what has been shared about Wales in the past 50 years.

Tastes of the Chess Valley

Drinking before lunchtime is not without risk; needing a loo whilst out on the trail, not finding the trail, or failing to turn up for lunch on time! The Chilterns is a living, working area of beautiful countryside whose character has been shaped by agriculture, industry and the people who have lived and worked here over … Continue reading Tastes of the Chess Valley

The great Brexit debate

On a recent visit to Belgium, I was both challenged and surprised with what I experienced; a restored heritage village whose retail offer was just a bread vending machine, enjoyed gourmet food, drank Leffe abbey beer, visited a castle haunted by a KKK look-alike ghost, had breakfast with pensioners visiting the many scenes from the famous … Continue reading The great Brexit debate

The Seven Sisters

It has taken me 25 years, but finally I made it to the Sussex Heritage Coast and to wonder at those iconic white cliffs - not of Dover - but the Seven Sisters and in particular Birling Gap, further west along the coast. I had only ever glimpsed those white cliffs through a sea fog, or … Continue reading The Seven Sisters

Inspired Chilterns’ Landscapes at National Trust Cliveden

“The Rose Garden was described by designer Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe as a vegetable form, like a cabbage, with each bed intended to envelop the visitor and draw them deeper into the garden,” explained Cliveden head gardener Andrew Mudge. Much like the entire National Trust estate at Cliveden, drawing you in up the drive as you … Continue reading Inspired Chilterns’ Landscapes at National Trust Cliveden

Do Small Children Like to Wear Lavender?

“Is this place only full of old people?” is what I hear from younger family members who dig deep to drum up enthusiasm for yet more hunt-the-horses, or count-the-crests whilst we visit another National Trust (NT) property. “Don’t go anywhere, near anything, or see if you can fit into that wardrobe, just in case, god … Continue reading Do Small Children Like to Wear Lavender?

What Next for the UK Tourism Industry?

Is ours an industry whose time has finally come? Or are we still rooted somewhere in a murky past, with odd opening hours, exhibits roped off and strange food? The past three years have not only seen huge changes in the way consumers access leisure and make their choices, but how suppliers have responded. The … Continue reading What Next for the UK Tourism Industry?