The great Brexit debate

On a recent visit to Belgium, I was both challenged and surprised with what I experienced; a restored heritage village whose retail offer was just a bread vending machine, enjoyed gourmet food, drank Leffe abbey beer, visited a castle haunted by a KKK look-alike ghost, had breakfast with pensioners visiting the many scenes from the famous … Continue reading The great Brexit debate

English is a nightmare. Even for the natives.

But hearing a Swedish-Canadian pronounce Norfolk place names is something to savour. Norfolk is not as flat as I imaged. Not quite soaring peaks, but some respectable bumps that know not to out-do those famous big skies and far-off horizons. I had been openly mocked for going there for a long weekend; why not the … Continue reading English is a nightmare. Even for the natives.

Sometimes Industry Needs a Crisis

Some businesses continue to moan about the impact the internet is having on their profitability, and in some cases viability. I listened to a lively discussion on the radio this morning with representatives from the book trade on how they are trying to deal with those annoying people who are ‘skim-browsing’ in their shops, checking … Continue reading Sometimes Industry Needs a Crisis

What is the Point of Trade Shows?

What is the point of trade shows? Ever since I started in the tourism business, trade shows have been an integral, if misunderstood part of the communications landscape. On the one hand you were excited because it meant getting out of the office for a few days with the occasional bonus of not having to … Continue reading What is the Point of Trade Shows?