A beautiful beach, birds and tolling bells

"Don't go near the taxi drivers!" screamed the guidebook, "they're rude and aggressive". Not so, our non-Uber Uber driver, who thought that a popular Barbara Streisand ballad on maximum decibels, would set the scene for our girls weekend away. What strikes you first when heading along the Promenade des Anglais into the Old Town of … Continue reading A beautiful beach, birds and tolling bells

A Year in the Chilterns

Tools of the Trade

The weight of history is upon Jon Tyler’s broad shoulders as one of the last producers of watercress in the Chilterns. Located in the beautiful Chess Valley that links Chesham in the Chilterns with Rickmansworth just inside the M25, E. Tyler & Son’s Crestyl Watercress farm is something of a novelty; in a high tech … Continue reading Tools of the Trade

25 years old today: what difference has the World Wide Web really made to #travel?

Today is the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, an innovation that has fundamentally changed society much as the Industrial Revolution did in the 18th century. The travel and tourism industry is one transformed - indeed is still transforming and keeping we travel and tourism professionals on our toes. No longer in control of … Continue reading 25 years old today: what difference has the World Wide Web really made to #travel?

Brand Building. By Stealth

To come in under the radar, you have to harness the energy, insights and influence of your local businesses to build the brand with you. You are the enabler, not the controller. For a brand to have an identity that consumers use and trust is the holy grail. But you need to have marketing muscle … Continue reading Brand Building. By Stealth

Sometimes Industry Needs a Crisis

Some businesses continue to moan about the impact the internet is having on their profitability, and in some cases viability. I listened to a lively discussion on the radio this morning with representatives from the book trade on how they are trying to deal with those annoying people who are ‘skim-browsing’ in their shops, checking … Continue reading Sometimes Industry Needs a Crisis