The Vintner with Rocks in his Pockets

Meet the vintner who reaches deep into the South African soil and history, who like a good wine, has blended ancient rocks, sunlight, the smell and memories the soil holds, Cape honey bees, Cornish tin miners and black magic. All of which have cast a spell over me! The hot summer night air was conducive … Continue reading The Vintner with Rocks in his Pockets

Isn’t it time small #tourism businesses looked beyond the DMO membership fee?

It’s time to look beyond the membership fee for new opportunities in the travel and leisure industry. It's time for tourism businesses to really engage and start promoting their destination first, their product second. Why then, should DMO’s now support the businesses who supply into their destination offer? We are all so inter-connected these days … Continue reading Isn’t it time small #tourism businesses looked beyond the DMO membership fee?

Brand Building. By Stealth

To come in under the radar, you have to harness the energy, insights and influence of your local businesses to build the brand with you. You are the enabler, not the controller. For a brand to have an identity that consumers use and trust is the holy grail. But you need to have marketing muscle … Continue reading Brand Building. By Stealth

Just me and 250,000 at the seaside

I have lost many friends in the essential early Sunday morning break-for-the-beaches, picnic packed and flask of coffee to hand, essential in avoiding the miles of grinding traffic queuing on the coast approaches.  Heading to south coast favourites, Bournemouth and Poole offer seven pebble-free miles of Blue Flag beaches. The sunshine is estimated to be worth … Continue reading Just me and 250,000 at the seaside

Tweeting #Travel and #Tourism

Is Twitter full of wasted opportunities and big ego’s? I have my ups and downs with Twitter, but what gives me great pleasure, is connecting with like-minded tourism professionals from other parts of the globe, most of whom I would otherwise never have ‘met’. We interact, share good and bad news and stories about the … Continue reading Tweeting #Travel and #Tourism