Is Yours a “Something for Everyone” Destination?

It has always puzzled me how marketeers can be so arrogant to think their brand can appeal to everyone, all of the time. Do they think they will miss some customers with this “catch all’ approach? Now that we can theoretically reach all of the citizens in all of the world, without I suspect, really … Continue reading Is Yours a “Something for Everyone” Destination?

Has tourism turned a corner in Cape Town and the Western Cape?

 The New Year heralds the usual cascade of travel trade bookings hype and bluster; Sunshine Sunday or is Bumper Holiday Monday when the entire country rushes to the tills to buy their summer holiday. To get to the bottom of whether it’s all hot air, or genuine bookings being made, I spoke with key Cape Town … Continue reading Has tourism turned a corner in Cape Town and the Western Cape?

Unexpected Cape Town

Expect the Unexpected Cape Town is full of things for the visitor to do; from the majesty that is Cape Point to the breathtaking views atop Table Mountain. But, as I discovered earlier this year, Cape Town is also full of the expected. What I experienced is surely part of the reason Cape Town has … Continue reading Unexpected Cape Town

What is the Point of Trade Shows?

What is the point of trade shows? Ever since I started in the tourism business, trade shows have been an integral, if misunderstood part of the communications landscape. On the one hand you were excited because it meant getting out of the office for a few days with the occasional bonus of not having to … Continue reading What is the Point of Trade Shows?

Customers Don’t Like Surprises

Customers don’t like surprises and telling them that they must pay extra for the consumption of additional services whilst your guest, is an unusual approach. On a recent trip to Cape Town to spend a week as guest of Cape Town Tourism (CCT), exploring the ‘Unexpected Cape Town’ Mary Tebje spent time with a number … Continue reading Customers Don’t Like Surprises

Tweeting #Travel and #Tourism

Is Twitter full of wasted opportunities and big ego’s? I have my ups and downs with Twitter, but what gives me great pleasure, is connecting with like-minded tourism professionals from other parts of the globe, most of whom I would otherwise never have ‘met’. We interact, share good and bad news and stories about the … Continue reading Tweeting #Travel and #Tourism