The Charming Chess Valley

We stop to tickle the horses’ noses and listen to the birdsong along the valley before cutting up to walk back through the chocolate box hamlet of Latimer and the extraordinary Boer War memorials on the green that hints of battles fought and lost in a far-off land and a horse's heart buried in Latimer.

Gas, Goats and Groceries

Just why has almost everyone I know been to Turkey this year? In less time it took us to reach Cornwall, we travelled over 2,000 miles to a remote Turkish bay to celebrate a milestone birthday. We almost didn't make it, following the demise of our UK tour operator one week before we were due to … Continue reading Gas, Goats and Groceries

Gun Crime and Tourism – reality vs perceptions

There are some parts of the world where crime flourishes, and gun crime in particular. This article is not about the rights and wrongs of gun ownership, but the impact it has on international tourism which is vital for job and wealth creation in all participating destinations. As an ex-pat living in the UK, I have read … Continue reading Gun Crime and Tourism – reality vs perceptions