12 months, 12 images

One year on from our first Covid-19 enforced lockdown, there is much to reflect on, and much to plan. A time to pause though and assemble 12 images that capture what this surreal year has meant to me.

In early March, we were unsure if we were to represent a client at ITB in Berlin. Things moved quickly and from mid March, the first stay at home orders was issued, followed by ceasing of non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel. On March 23rd, the first of three lockdowns was announced.

Life went on, almost; but around the world, every aspect of our personal and professional lives were impacted. My business fell off a cliff as tourism and hospitality hit the buffers. A decrease of 80% in travel and travel-related activity, which is staggering. Thank goodness we can’t see into the future. What if we’d known then there’d be more waves of infections, subsequent lockdowns and tragically one of the highest death rates in the world?

One year on, I am feeling quietly confident the worst is over.

Here are 12 memorable images that sum up the year that was
Drone footage from the police shamed people using the national park during lockdown 
Big, beautiful empty skies, quiet with no vapour trails or noise
We fell in love with virtual meetings, quizzes, wine tastings and seances!
In between lockdowns, we all went a little mad and flocked to the nearest beaches. Destinations were not ready; social distancing was abandoned, visitors were injured, toilets were closed, roads gridlocked, car parks shut, and the litter piled up. Dorset Police image.
The beach antidote? Lazy garden days
Businesses re-invented themselves and adapted to what was possible.
Torturous planning and routes to reopen
We learnt to live without essential services.
We were drowning in the stuff and I wished these signs could have hung on every lamppost.
I’m still using #KnowBeforeYouGo

into 2021 and back on the road to recovery

#Staycations2021. At least it has wheels!

Onwards and upwards friends!

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